Are you going to sell individual components from your FTSs kits???

We are still mulling over this.  We never intended to add on a lot of purchasing and procurement complexity by having to buy and inventory individual kit parts (and in reality the warranty on something like the FTSs is near ZERO, so we don't even have to worry much about stocking bunches of backup kits or parts).

That said, we know many of you asking us are current Ss customers that have bought our gear and just trying to leverage off of your existing investments.

We are inclined to support our own customers and those that have bought our gear - or at least try to find a way to do that (relative to the issue of buying say an extra lid, coil, and jacket for someone that wants to daisy chain two units together)

What we are NOT inclined to do however is support 3rd party/competitor product with our gear.   This just gets to be far too much work, not to mention we didn't invest all of our time and resources to develop a cool system only to have it leveraged on competitor hardware.  We have been asked by some to do custom lids for Blichmann fermenters for example.   Or would we sell them neoprene jackets for use with some Kickstarter temp control device they bought, etc.  

The bottom line for us is that anytime we have to deal with small and relatively low dollar spares and accessories - it becomes a real drain on our time and resources.  We are buying these as KITS from our manufacturer.  So anytime we give you a single part of something from the FTSs, it is breaking a kit and we are left with a bunch of parts.   

If you are a Ss Brewtech customer, and you are trying to do something with your FTSs system and have fermenter(s) product from us - we'll try to work with you.  Just no promises on availability and timing of parts that we have to break out of a kit or buy separately or whatever.  


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