Can I custom order my Chronical, such as choosing which valves or lid I want?

Both Chronical lines have been carefully crafted to appeal to a specific type of brewer.  

For more budget-minded casual brewers, our standard Chronical line would likely be all that you would ever need.  

Conversely, we introduced the Brewmaster Edition to appeal to more advanced or more frequent brewers. 

As a result of the variance between these offerings, we have received dozens of requests from prospective buyers that would like to substitute specific parts or features from the Brewmaster Edition and apply them to the Standard Edition Chronical, resulting in a blended or customized bill of materials and price.  

Unfortunately, we are not setup to customize or offer credits for valves, lid, or any other accessories that are included with each Chronical.  

We have made the strategic decision not to offer customization because of the incremental labor and costs associated with such a large undertaking.  Instead, we want the Chronical to remain one of the most competitively priced conical fermenters on the market.

While we may not be able to be all-things to all-people right out to the box, we offer virtually every single Brewmaster Edition part as an add-on accessory that can be purchased at an additional cost.  Which gives users the flexibility to upgrade their Standard Edition Chronical whenever they see fit.   

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