I am having trouble dumping yeast from my Chronical fermenter

You are probably waiting too late in the process to harvest your yeast.

It is also possible you are letting too much trub get into your fermenter from your boil kettle and you need to do a whirlpool before you transfer out your wort to the fermenter (of course the new Ss Brew Kettles have a little trub dam affixed to the backside of the pickup tube to aid in that process!)

Depending of course on your yeast, many of them will flock pretty hard into a mass if you let them go too long.

You should harvest yeast typically about 2 days after your primary fermentation has ended (depends on the yeast, the temp of beer and of course assumes you are watching SG and PH).

If you follow this guideline, the yeast will still be fluid and easy to harvest and hard to get clogged at the bottom of your Chronical! After that, you won't want to dump anything until you have kegged off the beer!

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