What's the difference between the Unitank 2.0 and the Nano Jacketed Unitanks?


The new Unitank 2.0 offers many pro-level concepts while still being reasonably priced. The Nano Jacketed Unitanks has a similar feature set but executes at a much higher level and in a more traditional format. 

  Unitank 1.0 Unitank 2.0 Nano Jacketed Unitanks
Cooling Type Lid-Mounted Chilling Coil Cylinder Glycol Jacket Cylinder and Cone Glycol Jacket
Insulation Neoprene Jacket Neoprene Jacket Interior Insulation Layer
Number of Steel Walls 1 2 3
Cooling Layers unitank_right_67575f9d-ead2-4eb9-92ba-34c376eb8f90_800x.jpeg Unitank2_cutaway-test.7crop2.png


Carbstone Fixed Press-fit Carb Stone Updated Removeable Carbstone 

Pro Carb Stone

Racking Arm Removable Oring-Style Arm Integrated Silicone Racking Arm

DIN Mounted Pro Racking Arm

Lid 6" or 8" TC Lid Coil 6" or 8" TC Reducer

8" or 12" TC Pro Manway-Style Lid

Minimum Batch Size Full Batch Only Full Batch Only

Half Batch or Full Batch

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