Are Glycol Chillers available internationally?

Ss glycol chillers have indeed been made available to each and every international distributor.

They are however extremely expensive to ship and are a very low margin piece, to begin with (for the seller).  

Combined with different certification and regulatory stuff about large electronics (that are essentially big air conditioners), and well - not many takers.  

Ss will not export these from the US and we have encouraged our partners abroad to find local sources just like we did from vendors that make trunk line chillers, diy chillers etc.  We might have our own designed/manufactured version later in 2017 or early 2018 which could improve the odds of our partners carrying chillers, but it is premature to commit to that also.  

Sorry -  but we can’t force distributors to buy stuff.  You can reach out to them and tell them you are interested.  But it isn’t a push model. Thanks!!

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