What does the 5 BBL Pilot Edition have that the standard 5 BBL Brew House doesn't?

The pilot edition includes all of the features of the standard 5 BBL, with the addition of:

  1. All-stainless mash tun mounted grist case and grist hydrator, this also includes a manway port and auger port.
  2. A 2 sq. meter pre-chiller, which is designed to use with glycol to knock down ground water temps before it reaches the primary chiller. Glycol flow valve integrated into the main control panel.
  3. A steam jacketed mash tun for step mashing and mash-out.
  4. A commercial thermostatic mixing valve for precise and repeatable strike/sparge water blending control.
  5. A GPI sanitary turbine flow meter for the blending manifold allowing for precise and repeatable strike/sparge water additions.
  6. Automatic sparge water acidification. This allows you to accurately acidify sparge water on the fly when using tankless water heaters.
  7. Product out dump valve and kettle racking arm, which allows you to mitigate trub pickup and dump in line during knockout for extremely hoppy beers.
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