Does a 5 BBL 3-Vessel System really make sense?

In fact, a 5 BBL system with a whirlpool is actually more expensive and occupies more space than a standard 10 BBL 2-vessel system, so the numbers don’t exactly pencil out!

It would just behoove the brewery to start with a 10 BBL 2-vessel system for greater flexibility, then the brewer can half batch if a 5 BBL batch size is desired, and full batch if a full 10 BBL batch is needed.

Lastly, it would still take the brewer less time to do a 10 BBL batch on a 10 BBL 2-vessel system than a 10 BBL batch on a 5 BBL 3-vessel system.

In the end, both time and money point towards the 10 BBL 2-Vessel System.

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